Case Example: Statewide Implementation and Scaling Evaluation

This report documents the culmination of ten years of development of a new approach to improving human service systems, organizations, and outcomes. Based on the Active Implementation Frameworks, intensive support is provided to develop implementation and scaling infrastructures in state education systems to initiate and mange change processes, and to provide reliable supports for improved...

Heptagon Tool

During Exploration Stage discussions information gathering is focused on the community, relevant governance, workforce, structures and programs, infrastructure and technology as well as resources. Key stakeholders generally are individuals who could have a positive or negative effect on the use of the innovation. Many of these key stakeholders may be affected by the innovation through...

Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature

This monograph reports the findings from a review of the science of implementation and identifies what it will take to transmit innovative programs and practices to human services. The monograph also summarizes findings from the review of the research literature on implementation and proposes frameworks for understanding effective implementation processes

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